Newsletter No. 36 Fall 2009

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  • Boiler Conversions to Biomass Burning
  • Witnessing a Revival in Energy-from-Waste Industry
  • Update on Biomass Boiler Combustion System Upgrades
  • Jansen Co-hosts Boiler Workshop in Prague
  • Superheater and Economizer Upgrades to Increase in-House Power Generation
  • News Briefs
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  • Boiler House Cartoon
  • Dates & Locations: Biomass Boiler Workshops in 2010

Boiler Conversions to Biomass Burning

Boiler owner/operators in recent years have been motivated to convert existing fossil fuel-fired boilers to burn some, or exclusively biomass fuels. Biomass fuels often provide lower fuel costs and lower flue gas emissions as well as being considered a
“green” renewable resource. Whether the boiler currently burns exclusively fossil fuels or burns a combination of fossil and biomass fuels, Jansen has the experience and capabilities to provide the necessary services to enhance biomass firing in most all boiler configurations.
A typical phased approach to fuel conversion projects is:

  • Initial assessment of feasibility and required modifications to generate early budgetary costs.
  • Engineering evaluation of existing boiler to determine the unit’s capabilities when operating with the new fuel (pressure parts, auxiliary and pollution control equipment).
  • Definition engineering to develop +/- 10% accuracy cost estimate.
  • Engineering design, fabrication, and materials supply.
  • Installation, operator training, and start-up assistance.

Jansen has the capability and experience to carry out any or all of these steps.
For further information on this work and specific inquiries, please contact Arie Verloop at 425.952.2825, or Ned Dye at 425.952.2827

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